Project Description

The picturesque small town of Ermioni, just 2 hours by car or by ferry from Athens and Piraeus, has evolved into a major tourist destination, offering modern amenities while maintaining its traditional character and natural beauty.

Ascending through the paved alleys and the beautiful houses of Ermioni, one reaches the slope of the ancient hill “Pronos”, which is topped by Agia Ermioni  a chapel in island style,  built on the foundations of the temple of the goddess Hera, offering a unique view. Beautiful and neat on its peninsula, it will remind you of an island. You will come here for its famous tavernas serving fresh fish and for its lively dancing nights.

One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored in this place, since you can swim every day at another beach, taste countless delicacies at the local taverns and restaurants, have fun at the harbour or Mandrakia, take walks in the Bisti forest located at the edge of the settlement or in the Katafyki gorge.