Project Description

This cosmopolitan “gathering place ” of the Peloponnese has it all: Beaches with clear waters, surrounded by the blessed landscape of the Mediterranean Sea. Luxurious atmosphere, with tasteful villas and famous luxury resorts. Marinas for sailing boats views of Spetses which is just a breath away, fresh fish and interesting nightlife. Porto Cheli is a luxury destination for those initiated into the pleasures of the dolce vita.


Built on the sheltered from the wind homonymous bay of Argolis, Porto Cheli is a cosmopolitan corner which overlooks the ancient city of Alieon. At its marina you will moor your boat and enjoy strolling through the streets with shops, restaurants and hotels. Besides, Porto Cheli is not by chance one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece.


A nearby destination for those staying in Athens, for weekend getaways or even for holidays for several days. A destination that has 100% occupancy rate from Athenians, and many others who want to spend a few days away from the capital.