Project Description

Built amphitheatrically on pine-covered hills, Kranidi is the capital of the municipality of Ermionida since 1841, and remained as its administrative centre until after the liberation of Greece. Discover the fairytale beauty of this historic town. Neoclassical houses, narrow streets, stone paddocks with flowers and neat windmills with coloured roofs.

Kranidi, perched atop rocky hills and surrounded by the pine forest of Agia Anna, oversees the entire peninsula and sweetens the wild landscape of the Peloponnese.

In the capital of Ermionida, the traditional architecture of the houses is remarkable. The hewn stones, the ornate balconies, the skylights above the doors and windows, the traditional byzantine typed roofs, the angled tiles serving as longhorns and the paddocks which literally reinforced the house, give a unique aesthetic result The settlement has a characteristic island colour and is reminiscent of the settlements of the islands of the Argosaronic Gulf. There is also a Folklore Museum which houses cooking utensils, pictures, furniture, spinning distaffs, looms, clothes, embroidery, woven samples of traditional costumes and other objects of folk craft.

The buildings typical of the local architecture, the Town Hall and the library, the five large churches of the 19th century, the unique cobbled street at the well of Pyrgos, the three renovated windmills, the traditional oil mills with large stones and the variety chapels complete the picture of a beautiful town.