In almost every culture, a wedding is an important event that requires a celebration that will cater to everyone on a personal level and leave an unforgettable memory. The people, the venue and the preparation are the foundation of the wedding, as couples plan their wedding so that they can “tell” their own story.
A place you dream of and love forever.
Whether your relationship begins in Ermionida, or blossoms here, it is definitely a benchmark. You may have seen photos, or attended a wedding in cosmopolitan Porto Cheli, picturesque Ermioni, idyllic Salanti or traditional Koilada (Valley) Here you can make all your dreams come true. Plan a cosmopolitan wedding with folkloric notes or a minimalist wedding….go by boat, yacht, speedboat, horse-drawn carriage or on foot accompanied by instrumentalists to the church, whether it is a chapel, a monastery or the magnificent historical churches of our region.

Because in Ermionida…

– It is the natural beauty of the place that enchants, the colours and the experience that will be unforgettable for you and your guests.
– It is the planning that reminds you of a holiday.
– It is the joy of sharing the moment with your loved ones
– It is a destination in which you will continue your honeymoon, by booking a cost effective package holiday.


The churches and chapels are many. If you don’t have a special connection with one of them, the most favorite places are:

Panagia Evangelistria, Saint Emilianos and Saint Demetrius in Portocheli
Saint Gerasimos and Saint John in Ermioni.
Saint John in Saladi
Saint John in Lampagianna beach in Fournoi
Panagia Evangelistria and St. Nicholas in the valley


Wedding Planning – Decoration – Fireworks – Hairdressers – Bridal Care – Catering – Sound / DJ – Lighting – Photography & Video

Choose the associates who will plan your wedding in order to accommodate your needs, directly providing the most affordable proposal. You can either choose your own associate or look for them through the professionals of the Municipality of Ermionida. Professionals, who know exactly what a wedding needs, flexible and with remarkable proposals. There are crews for every task and service. In addition, they are the ones who know much better the peculiarities of the place and can suggest the best and most advantageous options. There is everything here…. one look will convince you to get involved!