Project Description

Thermisia is a place that has not been substantialy altered by tourism and is ideal for family holidays, escapes in nature and more. It is located about 7 km east of the town of Ermioni.


Its name, Thermisia, probably originated from the ancient temple of Demeter of Thermasia that was located in the area, or else because in the past there were several hot springs in the area.


At the entrance of the village of Thermisia and on an enormous, the visitor is greeted by the Venetian castle of Thermisia. During the Middle Ages, the focus of activities of the settlement was around the Thermisia lagoon with its famous salt mines, which today is a well-known wetland of the prefecture and a wet passage for rare migratory birds.


Today, the quiet little village of Thermisia has about 500 inhabitants, who are mainly engaged in agriculture, since the area is overrun with orchards of citrus trees, apricots and olives.