Trail 2
Eileoi: Papoulia – Iliokastro

The Eileoi trail starts from Papoulia heading towards the village of Iliokastro, a 9 km hiking route (about 2 hours and 15 minutes). The main crossing is through the stream of Katafykio .It is a rare and beautiful route for the area in terms of natural beauty, passing through dense vegetation, plane trees and pine trees. An important point of the route is the old watermill, proof that water was once plentiful in the area. The last kilometres to the village of Iliokastro are crossed through a rural road. Iliokastro is a village with about 550 inhabitants and got its name from the “Eileus vines” that produced very sweet wine. Even today, the courtyard with polygonal building on the small hill that served as the village’s citadel is still preserved. According to the testimony of Pausanias, the sanctuaries of Demeter and her daughter were there. The trail of Eileon can be started from the village of Iliokastro and meet the circular trail of Persephone at Papoulia.