Gastronomy/ Food and Drinks


The local cuisine is based on the pure products of the land of Ermionida with virgin olive oil as the main ingredient. In fact, Kranidi oil has won multi awards dues to its excellent taste and spicy aroma.

Free fishing in Ermionida offers many fresh fish while in fish farming, they offer sea bass and sea bream.

In the seafood category the Koilades prawns which are fished at a depth of 300m stand out for their bright red colour and size (up to 13cm). The famous red shells which in the Classic era gave the colour to the Royal tunics.

The aromatic pomegranate which is a Protected Designation of Origin is a product of this area, which together with pure honey and carob seeds are the basic breakfast dishes for the locals.

An important part in their diet is meat from sheep and goats who graze in Artemisio, accompanied by the unique wines such as Rokaniaris and Sklavos exclusively produced by Kranidi. There is an excellent quality of dairy products like the spicy feta cheese and the buttered gruyere.

In small traditional cottage industries you will find handmade conchiglie the famous pasta of Argolida that look like shells. You will also find marmalades and jams from the citrus trees grown in the Argolikós plains.