The Municipality of Ermionida is also famous for the production of excellent quality Pomegranate. The excellent quality and unique taste of the Pomegranate of Ermioni, with unique characteristics not found in other varieties of pomegranate, has also earned it the PDO designation. Visitors to the Municipality of Ermionida have the opportunity, if they visit the


The weather conditions of the Municipality of Ermionida favour the cultivation of vineyards. In the area of Kranidi, the rare and perhaps unique for Greece variety Rokaniaris is cultivated and preserved, as well as the also remarkable Slavos. A small modern Kranidi winery ca accommodate the visitors  that has a storage and bottling area as


In the Municipality of Ermionida the production of excellent quality olive oil are held to higher standards that bears the PDO designation since it is famous for its high content of polyphenols, its low acidity and its rich fruity, bitter and spicy flavor, with the protagonist being the  olive oil of the region of Thermisia