In the Municipality of Ermionida the production of excellent quality olive oil are held to higher standards that bears the PDO designation since it is famous for its high content of polyphenols, its low acidity and its rich fruity, bitter and spicy flavor, with the protagonist being the  olive oil of the region of Thermisia which is systematically awarded in recent years because of its qualities  and is considered one of the leading polyphenolic olive oil production sites. In the cultivated areas of the municipality of Ermionida, full of olive trees, visitors are given the opportunity to see  all the stages of processing the olive fruit into olive oil. More specifically, from 15 September to 30 December, visitors have the opportunity to watch the harvesting and collection of the olive fruit, the processing of the olive fruit and the production of olive oil in the olive mills of the region and the packaging and standardization of olive oil in the region.