Historical & Folklore Museum of Ermioni (IFME.)

Next to the Holy Church of the Archangels (Taxiarches), in a historical Ermionian house of the  18th century , where in 1827 the 3rd National Assembly took place, the Historical & Folklore Museum of Ermioni is housed. The ground floor houses the folklore section, with exhibits from the social, economic and cultural tradition of the

Kranidi Municipal Library

In a building that formerly housed the Old High School you will find the Kranidi Municipal Library. The library is a lending library organized according to international library standards. Apart from the adult section there is a children's and teenage section. The library's collection amounts to 16,000 volumes and the interesting collection of local literature

Ermioni Municipal Library – Apostolos Gatsos

The Ermioni Municipal Library was created to contribute to the spiritual life of Ermioni and to participate in the daily life of our compatriots, especially the young people.   With its books, its voluntary contribution, its equipment and its building infrastructure, it aims at actions that bring the citizens in contact with the new world,