The Folklore Centre of Didyma was founded in 2013 and operates on a voluntary basis.

It consists of 2 halls. One houses photographic exhibits, historical records from the community of Didyma an artists’ corner, a traditional game corner and a variety of musical instruments. The second one contains household objects, traditional costumes and furniture of past decades that used to decorate the houses in Didyma.

In the middle of the room dominates the famous loom, which accompanied the women in their free time, creating unique, handmade woven fabrics. The outdoor cover was built for utilitarian purposes. The classrooms, after 1900, operated with a crowd of more than 60 students; for this reason, the teachers divided the students into two classes, one of which operated in this open-air space. One of the best students (first-grader) taught sub-groups of students in order to enhance their skills and academic performance.

The journey into folklore does not end here. As we continue the tour, in the corridor of this imposing Municipal Building, called the Syngros building, we come across agricultural tools, the clothing of the shepherds, the tools used by women who were engaged in household chores, cheese-making utensils, etc. The events are varied with different content each time. There are many occasions when tradition and folklore meet the modern way of life.

The motto ‘for the old folks to remember and the young to learn’ is the driving force behind volunteerism.