It was built in 1896 with money from our national benefactor Andreas Syngros. It housed the Primary School for many years. In the 1950’s the first cinema of Ermioni operated in the building under the name “MON CINE”. During the last two decades of the 20th century,sections of the Middle School of Ermioni and then the Primary School of Ermioni operated in this area until 1999, when the new Middle School -High School of Ermioni was opened. In 2004 the Municipality of Ermioni proceeded to renovate the building and in 2007 after the establishment of the Legal Entity under the name: “Cultural Centre of Ermioni” and was its headquarters until 2010. In early 2014 we had a new renovation of the interior of the building by the Legal Entity of Social Welfare – Solidarity – Culture & Education of the Municipality of Ermionida. Today it is a modern cultural centre, where all the events of the municipality and Associations of Ermioni take place during the winter months.