You will hear it called the “Gorge of the Gods” because they were from here, it is said, that the king of the underworld, Pluto, came out and snatched Persephone, and it was from here that Hercules ascended Cerberus from Hades in his twelfth and final labor. Fairies are said by local lore to live here, and you’ll understand why the moment you see the imposing landscape nestled in the cleft of two enormous, vertical rocks The gorge is suitable for hiking, even for families with young children, as the gorge is short (2.5 kilometres) and the path that crosses it is extremely passable and almost flat. Inside the gorge, near the northern exit, is the chapel of Saint Nicolas, built in 1740. Katafyki is 5.5 km from Ermioni – you will find the relevant signs from whichever route you take.