Of the ten holy monasteries of the Metropolis dedicated to the Holy Virgin, the Holy Monastery of Pantanassi Kranidi is one of the newest.
It is located between Portocheli and Kranidi and was founded in 1965 by the late Elder Archimandrite Pavlos Venekas . It was inaugurated on August 7, 1966. The Katholikon is in Basilica style with newer frescoes in Byzantine style.
The Late Hieromonk Pavlos with great struggle, “in labour and toil”, managed to consolidate the monastery, working many times even manually. Many from the region of Ermionida came to the Holy Monastery for their salvation and recreation and found the desired refreshment for their souls.
The four sisters of the monastery practiced under the guidance of the Preceptor Ioanna in the monastic wrestling and games with patience and endurance, with obedience and self-denial, indulging in the ministries of the monastery, in their handiwork and in agricultural activities (since the monastery has an olive grove).
Visiting hours. 07.30-13.00&16.00-Sunset

Days of celebration: 15th of August (Assumption of Mary)