Three recently renovated windmills on a small hill dreamily adorn Kranidi and take you on a nostalgic journey to a bygone era. In the picturesque and idyllic Kranidi, on a green hill, right of the village, three recently renovated windmill fill the landscape with nostalgic notes and unique colours. They greet you from afar and are waiting to take you on a journey to old, beautiful years out of fairy tales, highlighting at the same time the esthetics and culture of the inhabitants. Here the inhabitants, taking full advantage of the use of the air, built mills and milled the wheat to produce flour. Each windmill is made of bricks which are then whitewashed and has a conical metal roof. Their tower-shaped form is reminiscent of Cervantes’ windmills. A shaft protrudes from the tower on which the wheel was fixed, which had textile cloth on it.

Inside the windmill, two remarkable in size hewn millstones, one on top of the other, ground the grain, which was then transported by draft animals. Today the municipality has developed the site and every summer cultural events are held under the illuminated windmills.