The Ermioni Music Association, a non-profit cultural organization, was created in 1988. From 1990 until 2018 the artistic direction has been undertaken by the conductor Takis Maniatis. Since October 2018 Georgios Kongkos was the responsible   teacher and conductor of the Choir who is the professor of the course of piano and vocal theory, professor and Artistic Director the University professor and President of the Panhellenic Association of Choir Directors Efstathios Arvanitis. He is a member of the Hellenic Choir Confederation (H.C.C.) and a founding member of the “Hellenic Choirs Association “.



Andreas Paridis Award from the H.CC, Culture Award from the Prefecture of Argolis. Award of the Ministry of Health for the dissemination of voluntary blood donation & the creation of a

blood bank.



Have performed in international competition festivals in Europe, but also in many festivals in Greek cities. They participated in TV shows and in the show “THE Greek Choirs” on ERA 3.  The choir were invited and presented  their program more than once in many Greek cities, Athens, Karpenisi, Sikourio, Astros, Tripoli, Mykonos,, Argos, Nafplio, Corinth, Chalkida, Trikala as well as in Bulgaria, Northern Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus, Calabria & Ukraine. In 2016 the Choir participated in the anniversary concert with Dionysis Savvopoulos for his 50 years of contribution to Greek Music. In 2018, on the anniversary of the thirty years   from the foundation of the Ermioni Music Association, it hosted the National Symphony Orchestra of the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation and the Choir of the Municipality of Athens in an opera gala, as well as Giorgos Dalaras in a great concert at the Ermioni Stadium with the participation of Estudiantina Nea Ionia



Organization of International Choral Meetings on an annual basis in Ermioni, since 1992. Organization of International Art Festivals on an annual basis in Ermioni since 2007 under the name “Takis Maniatis International Festival of Ermionida”. Events with a varied content of subjects, at a local level. Production of a documentary on the history and the frescoes of great value of the Holy Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi in Ermioni



The orchestra consists of musicians from the region and its repertoire covers mainly Greek art and folk – traditional music. It participates in the choir’s concerts whenever necessary and organizes its own tributes and concerts, such as Nikos Kavvadias’ “The Southern Cross, a tribute to Vasilis Tsitsanis, the songs of expatriation, a tribute to Odysseus Elytis, etc.



It has a Blood Bank in collaboration with the Blood Donation Department of Argos Hospital with more than two hundred registered volunteer blood donors. It carries out two blood donations per year, covering the needs of the residents of Ermionida and beyond, offering important social work.