If you are a lover of good wine, come at the beginning of September and enjoy the famous “Harvest/Wine Festival” organized in Iliokastro Ermioni. We will pour plenty of wine in your glass accompanied by music and dancing. In Iliokastro Ermionis famous for its good sweet and bitter wine since antiquity, in early September the “wine festival” is organized in a special way, bringing back memories of the past. Under the moonlight, a representation of the grape harvest takes place in which the whole family takes part, loading the donkeys with baskets full of grapes to go to the wine presses to produce the wine. At the same time, poems about the vines are heard.

fireworks that fill the sky will draw your eye turning night into day. At the folk feast that follows, you will drink plenty of wine and dance your heart out until the morning. In the blessed land of Ermionida, a special wine from the vines of the region has been produced for centuries now, thanks to the mastery of the people and the help of the climatic conditions. This beautiful and special process of harvesting the grapes and processing them into wine is celebrated with splendour in  Iliokastro Ermioni.