Come to the “Fisherman’s Feast” in the Valley of the Municipality of Ermioni that has been organized for decades in mid-August, taste fresh fish and seafood caught by the expert local fishermen and feast, feast, feast, feast with the accompaniment of live music. The excellent planning of the event and the warm hospitality of the residents will make you a permanent visitor to the picturesque and beautiful fishing village of the Valley in the Municipality of Ermioni every summer in mid-August the “fisherman’s feast” is organized. This special celebration “is a blast from the past, when the fishermen of the area during the period of the August full moon (Baidouz), unable to fish, organized their celebration. Over the years, the festival has become an institution in the area. Thousands of visitors from Argolis and other regions, inside and outside Greece, flock to the village where they taste fish and seafood generously offered by the local fishermen. Numerous fireworks and signal flares light up the starry sky of Ermioni, and trigger a special celebration until dawn with traditional dances from the local dance club and live music.