In the beautiful village of Didyma with its endless fields of wild tulips, every April the “Tulip Festival” takes place, celebrating the special for the Greek standards plant. Come, cut a bouquet of tulips and enjoy the events that take place in its honour.

Every year during the spring season, the “Tulip Festival” is held in the beautiful village of Didyma, as the area is one of the few places in the country where wild native tulips can be found.

This festival started to be celebrated in 1962.  Thence, every April, a large number of people flock to this beautiful village to get to know this exceptional flower and pick it from the meadows to make bouquets, the best of which are awarded by a committee set up for this purpose. During the festival the whole village wears all its good.

During the celebration, theatrical performances, dances and songs are performed by the students of the local schools and dance groups, giving the event a festive character. The established horse parade of the Ermionida Association “Love for the Horse steals the show. At the same time, a photograph exhibition from similar celebrations of previous years is organized, while a large screen shows highlights of the celebration and its history, so that the old folks  remember with nostalgia and the young people learn.