The “Pomegranate Festival”, which takes place on the last weekend of October in Ermioni, is now an institution and is considered one of the most successful celebrations in the area, because it attracts many visitors and promotes the famous pomegranate of Ermioni to everyone, while advertising the area.

During the event, local children, dressed as farmers, offer pomegranates to visitors, while visitors can enjoy traditional pomegranate-based delicacies cooked by a well-known chef.

Apart from the pomegranate flavours that visitors can taste through the desserts, food and drinks prepared by Ermioni’s professionals and housewives, they can also have fun with music and dancing by local and foreign bands. In addition, children and adults can take part in the bike ride, on a route through the orchards of red pomegranates to the beautiful Katafiki Gorge, where it ends. Many parallel events are organised during the festival