The Spring Festival takes place every May Day in Papoulia in the Fournoi Community. The celebration of May Day in Papoulia, Fournoi has been going on for decades. The landscape is enchanting and one of the best in Ermionida. The celebration of spring, flowers and labour finds the residents and visitors of Ermionida in the beautiful pine forest in Papoulia, with the picturesque chapel of Agioi Anargyroi, where the Community and the Municipality arrange a big festival  with plenty of food and wine, live music, dancing and lots of fun. You can make the May wreath by walking in the gorge of “Katafyki”, an amazing 2.5 km route, starting from Papoulia. The landscape is imposing. Two mountains with steep and rugged cliffs form a deep gorge that invites you to explore it. You can’t help but indulge in the serenity of the wild and impressive natural landscape that you see around you. Every year, many people come from Fournoi and the rest of Ermionida as well as many visitors. The traditional lambs on the spit, music, dancing and games for children create a setting of fun and a carefree atmosphere.